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Lawyers, paralegals, assessors and self-represented litigants all try to refer judges to internet articles to support their case in court.

Although there is often a lack of expert evidence that can help guide a judge’s ruling on a case, the rules of evidence do not permit judges to rely on internet articles.

These men become silent victims because men who report being sexually assaulted are at risk of being ridiculed by others who just don’t understand the fact that a man is not always interested in sex, especially with those that force themselves on him against his will.

The police reported that the young man thankfully did not require treatment in hospital.

Detective Constable Thomas Ueberholz with the Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit said that his division does get complaints of sexual assaults on males by females: In a report from the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (2003) showed that men made up eight per cent of the adult victims of sexual assaults which were reported to police.

With trillions of websites abounding containing information from medicine to travel advisories to employment options, the world wide web is the most frequented source for data.

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Although important decisions are made every day based on the internet, the courts set a much higher standard.It is not completely unusual for a male to be the victim of a sexual assault.