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He began to surmise that she was going to act like nothing happened. Both had had multiple partners since their friendship had expanded as she liked to put it.

The presentation over, they drove to the airport with little said between them. Ive been thinking about what we did last night, she began without looking at him. It deepened as well as they shared intimate details of those other experiences between themselves.

Since she was no more than average height, the total effect was to make her appear delightfully small and precious. Raising her ass off the bed momentarily, she pulled the undergarment down her thighs.

The sight of her invariably caused him to vicariously relive enfolding her naked body in his arms. Resuming her seat she extended her legs in his direction as she slipped the panty over her ankles and on to the floor.

Inserting a second finger, he paused in his thrusts and instead exerted upward pressure as though trying to lift her by her cunt. When they had both gained enough of the bed, she unpropped herself from her elbows and lay back.

Titling her chin down, her half-closed eyes regarded him expectantly. Lowering his face to her smooth abdomen, he trailed kisses and lip caresses down over her mons to her pussy lips. His fingers resumed thrusting slowly in and out of her cunt, seeking her sensitive spot.

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Nevertheless, the features that caused him to return her smile started at the gold chain around her neck and continued up. She moved smoothly past him and parked her shoulder bag on a chair. She nodded agreeably as she turned toward the bedroom. Standing at the foot of the bed she stepped out of her shoes as she watched him enter the room. As he pulled off his suit jacket, she hiked up her skirt and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her pantyhose. He looked for a while like he was going to be an asshole about adding Fiona to the presentation team, but he did give in.

Her voice on the phone was neutral and matter-of-fact, as though she didnt care one way or the other. Ive got to get out on a flight in the morning, so Ill host. She was cradling her nearly-empty drink when she leaned forward. Her gaze followed his naked cock as he crawled up on the bed to join her. The slight sheen of perspiration on her forehead and the gradually slowing of her breathing were the remnants of the congress of their naked bodies. No, he replied gravely, paused and then, I think were great. Thats gotta be some of the best fucking Ive had ever. They met at the prearranged time for breakfast the next morning. His jaw clamped shut and he drew another breath and held it. His cock had discharged quite a few loads of semen into her cunt over the few months that had elapsed since their first tryst.

As far as Im concerned, we are, he replied with equal neutrality. Their eyes flickered over each other and then locked together. He felt his cock softening in her cunt, having delivered his seed unabated deep into her. When he lowered his face to apply his lips to hers, her finger intervened, pressing his lips and arresting his progress. The conversation was a mix of small talk and preparation for the meeting. He was relieved when he saw her face light up with a pleased smile. Mostly they fucked during the week, reserving weekends for their normal dating.

Thankfully, her pussy was back in view a moment later when she released the waist clasp of her skirt and allowed it to puddle at her feet. Her steady, promising gaze held him captive as she peeled off her suit jacket and laid it aside.

I can see where that could happen - especially since shes obviously way out of his league. Only three buttons later her blouse was open and slipping smoothly off her shoulders with no apparent help from her.When she gained his side, she continued the silent smile for a moment before inclining her head toward the key in his hand. Her smooth shaved pussy winked in and then out of view. It seems to have started almost as soon as she came on board.