Live no cost cams

21-Feb-2015 08:00

I figured it might be interesting to run through what’s available today and how well it actually works.Note that this is all quite different from the solution that Go Pro announced at CES for broadcast use, which is going to be shown this past week by ESPN as part of the X Games, and the NHL shortly in demonstration snippets.That solution is designed to relay the Go Pro signal a short-distance wirelessly to other broadcast quality receivers where it picks it up and then transmits it like normal (no Wi Fi or Cellular used).Said differently: That solution will likely cost a boatload and be aimed at broadcast TV, whereas what I outline below is aimed mostly at DIY type deployments.In any case, once that’s done you can go ahead and actually start a live activity. Note that you have to be connected to a mobile/cellular network, you can’t use Wi Fi in the house/office on your phone, because the Wi Fi connection is being used to connect to the HTC camera already. It’ll take a few seconds to get the stream up and running and during that time the aspect ratio of the preview image will change a bit.

Over the past year or so a few solutions have come onto the market that allow you to pair a normal action camera with your phone and then broadcast that footage to the world.

Then it switches over and shows it as live: If you were to go to You Tube, you’d actually see the broadcast there live as well – it’ll initially show up with a simple cover screen before going to the live feed once initialized.

However, you can also get the link for the broadcast by tapping the little sharing icon in the bottom right and selecting ‘Copy to Clipboard’.

Here’s an example of a simple recorded bike loop on it.

Note that unlike the Go Pro I’m able to simply power off my phone screen and stick it in my pocket, whereas with the Go Pro options I have to be careful to not shut off the screen or it’ll kill the feed.The app poorly renders the You Tube pages, but it’s OK, it all works out.