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07-Apr-2016 11:39

Most laptops with built-in cameras have an important privacy feature — a light that is supposed to turn on any time the camera is in use.But Wolf says she never saw the light on her laptop go on.In a paper called “i See You: Disabling the Mac Book Webcam Indicator LED,” Brocker and Checkoway describe how to reprogram the i Sight camera’s micro-controller to allow the camera and light to be activated independently.That allows the camera to be turned on while the light stays off.In the video below, we demonstrate how the camera can be activated without triggering the telltale warning light.

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But more sophisticated remote monitoring tools may already have the capabilities to suppress the warning light, says Morgan Marquis-Boire, a security researcher at the University of Toronto.

For example, it can make it easier for a school’s IT staff to administer a classroom full of computers.