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If you are hiring an ex-offender for a position that does not involve contact with the public – such as factory or production work – negligent hiring is generally not an issue. What is the nature and seriousness of the offense(s)? What is the background to the offenses (circumstances such as drug dependency, homelessness, etc.)? It is an effort worth making to better our community.Even if the position does involve contact with the public, the courts have made clear that the mere fact that an employee has a criminal record does not establish a claim for negligent hiring. This website provides a tutorial with how to read the various entries on a criminal history report. The website also has other information of interest to employers, as well as a link to the sex offender registry where employers can check to see if the applicant is a registered sex offender. What is the person's attitude regarding the offense? What has the person done since being convicted of the offense (treatment, education, skills training, volunteer work, etc.)?Question: Should I be concerned about Negligent Hiring Lawsuits? The employer's assessment of the offense and the applicant can lead to an ex-offender finding the right job that will assist in his or her effort to become a self sufficient law abiding citizen.Many ex-offenders are under supervision of a probation or parole officer who is a contact person and resource for the employer.The officer can assist with job retention and success by addressing obstacles to employment such as transportation or counseling.The fidelity bond can be requested from any Michigan Works! Question: Is it Legal to Have a Blanket Policy Prohibiting the Employment of People with Criminal Records? Because policies prohibiting the employment of people with records have an adverse impact on people of color, such policies may violate anti-discrimination laws.

To begin with, they defined a hookup as “a sexual encounter (that may or may not involve sexual intercourse) between two people who are brief acquaintances or strangers, usually lasting only one night” (p. In their study of college students, their participants reported they thought that 85% of students had experienced one or more hookups.Moreover, because former offenders typically have difficulty finding work, they are often very loyal employees once hired.The Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit provides up to 00 in credits for hiring felons convicted or released within one year of hire. The Federal Bonding Program provides employers with insurance coverage at no cost to the employer as an incentive to hire hard to place applicants such as ex-offenders. for locations or call Michigan's bonding coordinator at 313-456-3160.Question: What Questions Should I ask about a Prospective Employee's criminal history? Note: Research has shown that after seven years of law-abiding behavior, an individual with a criminal record has essentially the same risk of committing a new offense as a person who does not have a criminal record.

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The questions to ask with regard to the person's criminal history are simple. What is the relevance of the offense(s) to the job being applied for?

The prospective applicant should be able to provide an employer with the name and phone number of their supervising officer.