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10-Oct-2015 23:16

The 2016 calendar year is a mere hours away from its conclusion.We look back at the past 12 months and the best games and moments for the Orlando Magic.They checked the video and confirmed the women's story.Soon, Santa Monica police had arrived and took the man away.While Cashman and his new golden boy status among general managers would appear to be in line for an...2016 was a year which featured plenty of turnover for the Brooklyn Nets. Old regimes ended, new regimes commenced, and, along the way, the Nets sought out to identify building blocks for the future. After 78 years of life and 13modest, yet memorable seasons in the major leagues, Chris Cannizzaro has passed away. The Orlando Magic's 2016 calendar year was disappointing in many ways....

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Forget all the Los Angeles destination dates you've seen on every episode of every reality television show.The best way to make sure your first date is money is to take the girl you're trying to get to know to someplace interactive, quiet enough to talk, and where you can show your skills and impress her with something other than your bank roll or who you know in town.