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-- From the North Pole, south along the 75th meridian west longitude to the 77th parallel north latitude, thence southeast through Davis Strait to the intersection of the 40th parallel north latitude and the 35th meridian west longitude, thence sough along that meridian to the 10th parallel north latitude, thence southeast to the intersection of the equator and the 20th meridian west longitude, thence along the 20th meridian west longitude to the South Pole.… continue reading »

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Also, bell-bottoms never go out of style, and they look really good on me. There's something beautiful about an androgynous kind of tough look, and there's something about red lips and a button-up that I find just effortlessly classy.17: Is the red lip your thing right now? I've been doing it and fuchsia, and I've been doing hot pink as well, for a while.17: I love it. The other day I wore like a black wife-beater, black high-waisted shorts, black tights under them, black boots, and in the belt I wore this hot pink color, with all different color wide stripes on a tribal buckle. But there's something about using color to your advantage.… continue reading »

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