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09-Feb-2015 20:18

In fact, so many of the error codes have been re-used, or are generic, that looking one up often resulted in tips for installing Quicken or Office, instead of Windows. Why hasn’t Microsoft — if it really wants customers to move forward — provided the kind of support information they need?

I can’t imagine any “normal user” being patient enough to fight through the arcane techniques for hunting down update logs, and the voodoo necessary to try and set things right. Windows 10 went through its happy dance, and encouraged me to log in. For some reason my Microsoft wireless keyboard & mouse weren’t being recognized.

There is no way to tell if you are seconds away from a running system, or destined to spend the next day getting dizzy or wanting to take up juggling.

In the latter case it is just a question of man versus machine — as eventually you feel like you either need to punch the screen or hit the reset button.

Sure enough, after the update installed, my machine booted quickly, and happily-recognized my keyboard and mouse. The progress in these interim builds is an encouraging sign.

Hopefully, it means Microsoft will be able to deal with the issues in a more-polished manner for its big November update.

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Otherwise, waiting until Microsoft rolls out its Threshold 2 update (which would have been called SP1 in the old days) is likely your best course of action.The first is that you have to do it that way at least once to get your free upgrade.The second is you’ve probably got quite a number of old applications on your machine by now, and it wouldn’t be a small task to track them all down and re-install them again.But that’s what Windows 10 needs to do if it really will be the OS that gets customers to move off of Windows 7.

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After fiddling around, I noticed that the machine would alternate each boot.No small thing, since PGP was bought by Symantec years ago.