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In the experience of professional diplomats, many if not most corporate lawyers are clueless about the realities of international law.

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The principle that a state cannot plead its own law as an excuse for non-compliance with international law has long been established and generally recognized.These mere declarations have been foundations for treaties and conventions which took these rights and built on them and codified them as international law.All of them say that torture is a human rights violation. The Use of Force Introduction Analysis for All Use-of-Force Issues Self Defense Uses of Force Permitted by Customary International Law, but not in UN Charter Intervention Humanitarian Intervention Intervention to Effect Changes Intervention Against Terrorism Intervention in Civil Wars Example: Nicaragua Necessity and Proportionality War Powers Resolution Collective Use of Force "Lawfare"The Paquete Habana and the Lola were Cuban fishing boats that were seized by the U. (As a result, every US ROE since then has said to leave fishing boats alone if involved in the peaceful act of fishing [but not if using fish to camouflage silkworm missiles, however].)Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, when you get inside the walls of an embassy, you are inviolable, because others cannot go in and get you without that embassy countrys permission. (Theres lots of tense chases here in DC for that reason, spies etc., and China doesnt let people within a mile of the US embassy.)A deposed Peruvian political leader sought asylum in the Colombian embassy in Peru. Nobody is going to tell you to do it, youre a sovereign. You have the ability to assert your rights, if you choose, but that means youd better do so or else you may lose the right. Colombia pointed to numerous and frequent examples where American countries allowed safe transport like this.

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Settling Disputes Peacefully The First Rule of the Use of Force Is Not to Use It Settling Disputes Peacefully Dispute Settlement through the U. and other international organizations International Arbitration Formal Adjudication: The International Court of Justice XIII. Coastal fishing vessels, their cargoes, and their crews, are exempt from capture as prizes of war.Germany had actually signed an agreement to that effect at a party, but when it sobered up it decided not to ratify it.

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