Communication barries with online dating

23-Aug-2015 05:06

) who love to express ourselves may have a hard time grasping the benefits of saying less -- let alone an outright language barrier.

But just as printing too much money can diminish the value of the dollar, so can speaking too effusively diminish the value of what is said.

And intercultural relationships and marriages are on the rise in the UK.

According to a study by Eurostat, nearly 9 per cent of marriages in the UK include a foreign-born spouse.

I learned the surprising advantages of language barriers in love when I met a handsome Brazilian surfer.

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Furthermore, when children enter the picture, it would create an imbalance in the parenting roles if the child shared a language with only one parent and not the other.

A can-do media executive, Kate decided to "make it happen" with Antoine, getting him a job stateside and plunging him into her elite social circle.

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