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I just really wanted to be there, to enjoy all the conversations, let go of the need to share and just focus on being there instead. Even Vid commented on Sunday night, when my phone ultimately died from being forgotten haha, that I was being so good! High fiving myself over here Anyways, our holiday weekend was filled with fun, laughter, champagne and yummy food (I will definitely need to go running once I get back to Montpellier.) The kids had an amazing time, as did we. On Christmas morning, Lari woke up with a fever and basically just not feeling like herself at all.

All we missed was a little bit of snow but I think we’ll fix that this weekend. We had celebrated Christmas Eve at Vid’s parents’ house like we do every year and, as I mentioned, the evening was so much fun and full of festivities. Lara went back to bed for another two hours and even though she was feeling better by the time it we left to have Christmas Day lunch at my dad’s house, on Monday morning her cheeks turned bright red with a rash and her fever still wasn’t down.

It is a manufactory, that creates high quality products of the artists' tracks combined with top class graphics and selected and perfectly placed promotion.

The company offers their artists lots of additional opportunities like recordings sessions in an own studio, help at song writing, producing, mixing and mastering.

For some reason, maybe I was tired or just so over everything that I got too emotional but I just had this overwhelming feeling of love. Getting sick, the tantrums, the moods, the no’s, it’s all just how it is when you have small children. The photos in this post are from a walk I took with my little mister in downtown Ljubljana, while Lari and daddy were resting and getting better. Continue reading » Hi there and welcome to Style Lemon!

You’re tired, you’re worried, you’re exhausted, at times it feels like you’re not doing anything right and that you’re a crappy job at this whole motherhood thing. My virtual universe of all the daily little bits and pieces that inspire me.

Because they are preserved they also have a slightly bitter, fermented flavor, but the bitter accents are mainly concentrated in the lime's outer skin and seeds.

Black Lemon is a record label for house music, based in Augsburg, Germany.

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I checked her throat and immediately knew it was scarlet fever.:)Black Lemon is on vacation now, we'll be back in the office on January 10.