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In San Jose and San Pedro, I found numerous venues I could meet on a consistent basis.However, while the nightlife was great for pickups, I didn’t find too many places I really liked.There are a few other suburbs near San Jose that may be worth checking out – one being Heredia.I didn’t check the area out much, but I’ve heard good things.The one way the Americanization of Costa Rica benefitted me was that the nightlife was all about mingling.

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You can grab hotels for - 45 a night in the center on Still, I spent around 5 weeks in Costa Rica with a majority of them being in San Pedro, the university town suburb of San Jose.San Pedro is a five to ten-minute taxi ride to almost anywhere in San Jose.If I ever go to the area again, I’d make sure to check this area out first before I booked anything long-term. Weekly rates can be found for 5 - 150 with monthly rates going for 0 - 500.

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You can check for nicer accommodations, but Craigslist has a number of cheap and available options for San Pedro.

Tico men are smaller and I think my upper body size was a bit of a deterrent for them. You may be better off in Costa Rica with a look that could be misconstrued for a local.