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Gibson, who was the sex columnist for the Toronto Sun for more than two decades, claims she brought the term to America with her 2001 book Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men. The long time between meetings is further proof, she says, that part of the appeal of such relationships is the control the woman has.

The word was a derogatory Canadian saying that she says she decided to reclaim to help empower women like her who preferred dating younger guys. She wants fun, sex, and a good time.” Gibson understands why women don’t like the term. The man (or, fine, boy) is there when needed, but not a drain on her busy professional lifestyle.

Finally, over three days, these were the text messages she received and to which she never responded: “Oh yeah! He provides good health, few abnormalities, a good immune system.

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With some 46,000 more single men than single women, North Texas provides plenty of eager young men to compete for the affections of wealthy, single, Pilates-sculpted older women. “But when my daughters met my current boyfriend, they said, ‘Mom, he’s hot! ’ They get it.” Before we explore the trend, we must define our term. This cougar confusion suggests why, to a woman, every female interviewed for this article despised the term. 2 is exactly what Julie was looking for when she divorced last summer. Today, fewer than 50 percent of American adults are married, while approximately 10 percent of Americans are divorced and 2 percent are separated according to data published on Find The Data. It began as a mischievous flirtation on a trip to Las Vegas. The next man she went out with was more age-appropriate, someone older, in fact. “He was controlling, jealous, and he didn’t treat me well.” Since then, Kathleen, now 48, says she’s mostly dated younger men.Tiffany, 51, a divorcee who “hasn’t had much luck with men over 35,” put it succinctly when she noted, over a martini at Fearing’s Rattlesnake Bar: “The guy I’m seeing is 31. That these men have not yet arrived at her social or financial station in life doesn’t concern her. “I make my own money.” She met her current boyfriend at Carsons Live in Addison, a dance club populated with twentysomethings unafraid to put their pinkie and forefinger in the air while rocking out.

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He knows if he calls me a cougar, it is over.” For clarification, as well as an argument to embrace the term, we can turn to Valerie Gibson. Not that she’s against it, but she says if she’s not physically attracted to a man, then his wealth (or lack of it) is irrelevant. One month after their first date, Kelly and her boyfriend had their second date at the Loon.

But we did date more when I got back to town.” He was the first person she’d dated post-divorce, though, so she didn’t want to get too serious.

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