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A simple "I'd rather not" (if any explanation) will do.If the person am meeting gets irritated - well then I know enough to move on. Best of Luck Well, lil-me-smiling, I'll just say I think I'm in the same boat as you.I like Jack’s girlfriend, her name is Rachel, she’s one year younger than him but that’s okay, I’m not very worried about them who I’m worried about is Jana’s boyfriend. Tyler’s son, he’s more of the bad guy type, he wears leather jackets, and has tattoos, he’s 2 years older than Jana and he’s probably dated at least half of the girls in their entire school and all the girls are in love with him, he plays hockey so he’s got a good body and is definitely stronger than Jana.I love Tyler and his wife Cassie, is my closest friend.Jack and Jana are 16 now since I was pregnant when we got married.This is around the time that Jack and Jana should start dating and stuff like that, but Jamie isn’t to keen on that idea.I then go into the switch to text to Jamie.'Me: Hey Jame, how you feel about a date night tonight?;)’ I text to Jamie.'Jamie 👫❤: Yes all the way, (Y/N) better get Jordie or Ty to watch the kids cause, we won’t be coming home that night! ;)“ Jamie texts me.'Me: I was just thinking we could go for dinner then go back home and have out fun there! I look at the text and blush, Jamie and I have been together for nearly 20 years but he still knows how to make me go crazy!

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I say coming out to show my daughter the dress I was wearing.“Oh my god, Mom you look so pretty, can I borrow this dress for when I go with Danny! “one chance but if he does anything, anything at all to hurt you he’s dead”. ” Jana says and hugs Danny.“I thought that was my nickname! I had to pull he angry Jamie away from Danny before he killed the guy.“At least, Jinger’s still my little girl” Jamie says.“I have a boyfriend, dad” Jinger says.“What!? In general men seem to think that a first date or let's go with time to meet needs alcohol. Whether I decide to send a message or receive the message from someone, alcohol seems to be another social trend.Just wondering, is it ok to still go out places and be the non-drinker?I say.“That’s why I want I wear it” Jana says.“If I let you wear it your dad wouldn’t let you out of the house” I say.“I could always sneak out of the house” Jana says.“Not on my watch and If your father catches you, Danny’s a dead man” I say with a laugh.“Why would Danny be a dead man? I look between Jana and Jamie.“This is a problem between you two, so I’ll just be in the other room” I say attempting to exit the room but, I’m stopped by Jamie’s strong hands.“No you don’t, beautiful, I need something good to look at if this is what I think it is” Jamie whispers in my ear in an angry tone. Daniel’s a Seguin, and he takes after his father a lot, Tyler used to hook up with a girl one night then never speak to her again!

Even when he’s mad he never fails to turn me on.“Well dad, me and Danny are dating” Jana says in a whisper.“No way, I told you no dating until your 25!

I just don’t want my girl to get hurt and I think every mom thinks like that, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

There's no way Lucy Shine could have a one-on-one session with Charlie Dean and not have things turn sexual.… continue reading »

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