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28-Jan-2016 01:34

I think it is an applicable piece but only a small piece.

Face it, value attraction is logical but Attraction is a Feeling and women are emotional creatures.

The latter is what you want to aim for if you plan on not showing teeth in your photos.

Alberto’s photo says: “Dominant-cool Alpha with a serious face”, opposed to “stalkerish-serial killer”. 2.) He’s pro-interracial dating [as a white guy who’s into banging black girls, such a photo will attract more black girls online].

With that being said, you want to strike a good-first impression on the little lasses who are viewing your stuff.

Now, 90% of these profile-photo tips will be so counter-intuitive, that you may feel to stone me to death at how ridiculously backwards they seem!

Such photos show that you’re safe, normal and social, opposed to seeming unsafe, abnormal and anti-social [as guys who take mirror shots in their basements].

So Daymus PUA (of Mexico) solidifies this perception in women who are viewing his profile that he is safe, has social proof and is socially accepted.

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Logically demonstrating value sure does work but women are emotional so there is no need to logically demonstrate value.later on I'll be like "I just got back from a Ne-Yo concert with some friends, his set was incredible, do you listen to him?

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