Internet dating 101

20-May-2016 01:27

Instead of writing something like "staying fit is really important to me," get down to the nitty gritty.

Go for something like, "I run five miles every morning, but on weekends, I'll crank out ten a day.

"You can say, ' I like running and trail biking, but I'd also love to learn someone else's interests like sailing and scuba diving,' so if they're not really runners or trail bikers, they can still bring something to the party," Fisher suggests. "In so many profiles, women talk only about themselves and overuse the word ' I.' A man needs to know what his life with you would be like as a couple," she says.5.

Keep it short: "Men will look at the photos and read possibly the first few sentences of your bio, so leave the novel at home.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to show, not tell, how much you love to be active.

Throw in some shots of yourself finishing that triathlon or competing in the Cross Fit Open. "Men love viewing and writing to women who wear red outfits in their profiles," says Spira.

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It's all about hooking them with a glimpse of what matters most to you."If you love yoga, call yourself ' Yoga Loverin NYC.' If you're a skier, perhaps ' Jill Lovesto Ski' will send the right message." Don't treat it as a throwaway because you're excited to get to the meatier stuff.2.Details, details, details: It's easy to mention that you care about staying healthy, but specifics will really catch a guy's eye.Work your screen name: If this is your first foray into online dating or if you're trying it again after some time away, create a screen name that reflects your interests.

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"Screen names should be fun, flirty, and memorable," says Julie Spira, online dating pro and founder of Cyber Dating Expert.

This is especially important to keep in mind if you've decided to send someone a message.

His mother needs an emergency operation; he was arrested on a phony charge and needs money for bail; he was mugged and they got all his credit cards and bank card. It's a red flag: to receive a message from a 'lonely American' man who claims to be working abroad…when a man appeals for financial aid due to an 'emergency'…when he wants your physical address so that he can send flowers… Evidently "hello" in any form won't get you to the gusto. As for what to write there is no canned formula that fits all. Genuine compliments rock, but shallow compliments have an opposite effect.… continue reading »

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