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Education, communication, and problem solving are at the core of the treatment, with skill modules specifically designed to target improvements in those areas.

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To date, however, there has been no family treatment designed specifically for borderline personality disorder patients and their relatives.

Another family intervention to note is that of Miklowitz and Goldstein (1997) who developed a family treatment specifically for bipolar patients and their relatives.

Their 9-month outpatient treatment focuses on assisting families in understanding and becoming more effective in their relationships with their relative.

The theory on which DBT is based is a transactional or dialectical model.

The model is similar to other etiological models, that is, the diathesis-stress model, in that it recognizes the importance of both the individual and the environment in which he or she lives.(1985), and the multifamily groups of Mc Farlane (Mc Farlane, Link, Dushay, et al., 1995).