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This was the start of the spiritual beginnings of the Daʿwah that would later blossom on the Mustaali branch of the faith, as well as play important parts in the other three branches.

In recent centuries Ismāʿīlīs have largely been an Indo-Iranian community, [Nasr, Vali, "The Shia Revival", Norton, (2006), p.76] but Ismāʿīlī are found in cite web |url= R/CA12/Human Rights Caucus/Briefing Testimonies/107/TESTIMONY OF ALI H.

While Twelvers either argue he was never heir apparent and that he truly predeceased his father, Ismāʿīlīs argue that either the death was staged in order to draw harm away from al-Sadiq's successor or that his early death does not mean he was not an Imām, and rightfully the Imāmate would pass to his son, Muhammad ibn Ismail.