Pheromones dating

15-Apr-2015 22:45

” I told him that if there were ever an environment where such a question could be perceived as normal, we were in it.I even offered to help engineer such a situation, imagining myself saying to her, “This guy I once played with in the playground thinks you look like you smell nice. ” But he shook his head and wandered off to smell more shirts.“At the party, you sniff other people’s shirts to see which you like.” Did I think that smelling a strange man’s dirty laundry would unleash heretofore hidden feelings of desire? But I did think fondly of an ex’s scent and the way I would bury my nostrils in his shirts whenever he left them around — almost as if the aroma itself had super powers.I think I was still caught up in that memory, in fact, when I agreed to go along.

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“Do you think I could ask her if I could sniff her neck?

I showed up that evening with the female friend I’d brought along as wing woman and handed my shirt (which I’d zipped into a plastic sandwich bag) over at check-in.