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The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was almost certainly first performed by Shakespeare's company - the Chamberlain's Men - in or around 1596, most likely in the Burbage's Theatre (it may be then on stage in the Curtain theatre where the company performed in 1597). It first appeared in print in the short (Bad) Quatro of 1597 with the following title-page: " AN EXCELLENT conceited Tragedie of Romeo anf Juliet, As it hath been often (with great applause) plaid publiquely , by the right Honourable the L. The text contains anticipations, recollections, transpositions, paraphrases, summaries, repetitions and omissions of words, phrases or lines correctly presented in the next edition.It has been suggested that Richard Burbage (1568-1619), the company's leading man, took the role of Romeo (he would then have been about 28) and that Juliet was taken by Master Robert Gough, or Goffe (d. The First Quatro (Q1), piratical and dependent on an especially unreliable means of transmission for the text, was succeeded by a second (Good) version.To close the premises was unthinkable, where could the customers go to?And what if they found somewhere else and enjoyed it so much, they refused to return?Newly corrected, augmented, and amended: As it hath bene sundry times publiquely acted, by the right Honourable the Lord Chamberlaine his Seruants. Printed by Thomas Creede, for Cuthbert Burby, and are to be sold at his shop neare the Exchange.1599." This statement means that Q2 is a replacement of the first edition, not a revision of an earlier version of the play.The Juliet Club has been handling Juliet’s mail for many years; this unique phenomenon has made Verona the world-wide known “capital of love”.Addressed to “Juliet, Verona” thousands of letters arrive from all over the world and our team of volunteers replies to each and every one of them in the name of the most famous heroine in literature keeping alive this extraordinary epistolary tradition.

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Group Northern, the design and build company may have an alternative view, but to the staff the refurbishment went like clockwork.