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16-May-2015 07:18

NEWARK — A Superior Court judge today scheduled jury selection to begin on Aug.

Teare also said the analysis was invalid, because the methods used were similar to facilitated communication.

Living in housing I wasn't responsible for repair costs (for small, normal things, I can't speak to large damages), utilities, renters insurance, etc. If I didn't have (essentially) a full ride, I would have had to commute.

It's an easy luxury to be able to just tell your RA and they fix things. It seems laughable, but there were several instances where I was thanking my lucky stars that there was a security guard at that door. But I definitely made life-long friends, got way more involved with my professors and departments, and was able to find great opportunities simply because I was....around. If you can't, take the train and make a concentrated effort to get involved.

The Newark campus *really* knows how to make an academic out of you, in a good way.

If you're in a larger major, however, I know the experience can be very different.In January, Teare determined that a document detailing the sexual relationship is admissible at the trial. But the judge said the defense expert could not testify about facilitated communication or her own assessment of D.

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