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And I’d like to think that the parents in our community are helping us serve those under 19, because the most important steps for living your legend start long before we realize we’re even taking them. 😉 And here’s some really good news – before joining LYL, 80% of you tried career books, 31% tried online courses and 26% tried seminars.

That’s why we do so much with kids via our partner charity impossible2Possible and speaking and working with various schools. This shows me you’re willing to fight for the change you want to make, which brings a huge smile to my face. (We allowed members to check multiple boxes, which is why the results add up to way over 100%.) And while questions like these are beyond helpful, what really moves the needle are the open-ended responses from all of you.

I met a young Afghan named Abdul Ghaffar Nazari who is studying law in Kabul and was the last to present during the group exercise.

Despite losing an arm to a mine explosion in Afghanistan, he had such a positive attitude and a contagious smile. I also met Ryskulova Altynay, an impressive young entrepreneur from Kyrgyzstan who created "Koldo Shop." She loved that the Tech Forum wasn't just for "tech experts," but was focused on using technology for social good, which could apply to anyone.

(Yes, this is a 30 year project for me – I hope it is for you, too.) It’s also a nice chance for me to see where you all are in your journey and to be sure our future tools address what you need most.

We have lots planned this year, and we always take your lead on what to build.

Tech Forum finished with 15 group presentations followed by warm farewells. embassies in the region are already planning more "tech for social good" events in the fall.

225 countries and territories around the world, in fact. We’d love to know how your story makes our family what it is! —– Photo Credit: The Marin Headlands with a part of my running family training for last year’s humbling 50-mile race.

That means we have every country in the world covered! I wish I would have done a few more of those training runs though!

That way, we’re much more likely to get it right than if I were to just guess at it, as many businesses seem to (unsuccessfully) do…

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The information below comes from the over 5,000 new member surveys we’ve gotten in the past months as well as general data on our overall community.

Another participant, Zulfiya Abdukhalikov from Kazakhstan, said that "the best thing about TFCA was making connections with other people from other countries and sharing common experiences.

What is more, a Russian lady is more likely to use makeup and wear dresses, skirts, high-heeled shoes, which makes her irresistible to the opposite sex.… continue reading »

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